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      CL28TA Classical landing gear

      CL28TA classic?semi trailer landing legTwo years warranty!1. Data:Model? : CL28TAStatic load capacity (t/set) :?? 80Lifting capacity (t/set): ?? 28High speed (mm/min):&nb

      • Brand : TYM
      • Model No.: CL25TA/CL28TA/CL35TA

      CL28TA classic semi trailer landing leg

      Two years warranty!

      1. Data:

      Model  : CL28TA
      Static load capacity (t/set) :   80
      Lifting capacity (t/set):    28
      High speed (mm/r):    5.42
      Low speed (mm/r):   0.72
      Travel Max (mm):    355/430/480
      Assembly Height (mm):    703/778/828

      2. Benifits TYM trailer landing gear

      A) Lead screw is rolled forming from extra-duty feature steel.

      B) Gears are made of high grade alloy steel.

      C)Dimension of connexion meets with TTMA.AAR

      D) Lead screw nut applies floating construction, easier for lift and longer persistence for use. 

      E)Reverse mount ability.

      F)Double adjustable transfer real power in low gear.

      D) Lead screw nut applies floating construction, easier for lift and longer persistence for use. 

      H) Static load, lift test and drop test accord with AAR specification.

      3.Why Choose TYM?

      A).TYM has over 20 years of landing gear production experience. Every piece of our products are made our well experienced workers and checked by our quality inspector. 

      B).We are big trailer manufacturers such as CIMC’s supplier. Our products are already been well tested by the global market 

      C).We have an excellent and rapid after sales team. If in any unlikely chance there is a problem with our product, we'll be at your best service. 

      D).Our excellent engineering department has a well self-develop system, we can develop new products according to the market and customer special needs. 

      E).TYM is few of Chinese landing gear manufacturers with TS16949 certification and with our own products ability test system.

      4.Contact us 

      TYM Export department 

      Tel: +86-514-85550681



      Michael Geng


      Add: No.3,Yima Road, Guangling Industrial Park, Yangzhou,Jiangsu, China 225006